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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

2019 Admissions Consultation

The School Admissions Code requires us to consult on any proposed changes to the school's admissions arrangements. 

The draft admissions arrangements for entry to Year 7 in September 2019 are broadly similar to those currently in effect for September 2018 entry.  The main change for 2019 is the proposal to cap the number of places available for applicants living in Priority Area 1 to 50% of the total available places in Year 7.  This reflects the current position where just under half of the Year 7 students joining the school in September 2017 live in the local area (defined by post codes SL3 7, SL3 8 and SL3 0).

For 2018 entry, applicants living in Priority Area 1 (defined by post codes SL3 7, SL3 8, SL3 9 and SL3 0) need to gain a score of at least 111 (the eligibility score) in the 11+ entrance examination in order to be offered a place.  The proposal for 2019 entry is that in the event that the number of applicants from Priority Area 1 is greater than 50% of the available places, then those places would be allocated in rank order of performance in the 11+ entrance examination. 

The arrangements for 2019 entry will be determined by the Governing Board towards the end of the Spring Term and will be published on the school website by April 2018 in line with the requirements of the School Admissions Code. The impact of the current 2018 admissions arrangements (which are not yet known) will be considered by the Governing Board before making the final decision on the 2019 arrangements. 

The draft admissions arrangements for 2019 entry have been included in Slough Local Authority's coordinated consultation process and have been sent to all schools in Slough and to neighbouring Local Authority areas. 

The draft Admissions Arrangements for 2019 entry can be downloaded from the link below. Comments on these arrangements may be sent to Mrs Louise Simmonds, Clerk to the Governors, at the school address or via email to The consultation closes on 31 January 2018 and all comments received by that date will be taken into consideration by the Goverrning Board in finalising the admissions arrangements.