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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Covid-19 asymptomatic testing programme

What is the purpose of the testing?

The Asymptomatic Covid-19 testing programme is important because staff and students without symptoms could be carrying the virus and may spread it to others. Testing staff and students without symptoms will support schools to operate as safely as possible.

Simple and quick tests, known as Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests, enable us to rapidly test students without the need for a laboratory. The tests return a result within 30 minutes. All secondary schools have been provided with test kits to conduct testing on site by setting up an Asymptomatic Test Site (AST), and then to provide home testing kits.


What does the test involve?

The test involves swabbing both nostrils and processing the swab with the Lateral Flow Device (LFD).


How good are the tests?

The has been a lot of media coverage about the ‘accuracy’ of the lateral flow test devices. The Covid-19 tests which many of you will have had by booking a slot at a local testing centre are known as PCR tests.  They can detect extremely small traces of the virus, and can return a positive result even when there is little risk of someone actually passing the virus on.

The Lateral Flow Devices (LFDs) used in school will not detect very small viral loads. However, they can detect cases where someone is carrying the virus at a level which might mean they are infectious. Every positive Covid-19 case detected by LFDs is a case that would not otherwise have been discovered until symptoms were obvious and the risk of transmission was higher. 

So, it is important to remember:

  • A negative test result does not mean that someone is free of the virus. It simply means that at that particular time, the test did not detect any significant viral load.
  • A positive test result is highly likely to indicate that someone is carrying enough viral load to be infectious.

Any student whose test returns a positive result will given that result in person by school staff and told what to do;  their parents will also be informed immediately.

LFDs are widely used in many workforces, including the NHS, for screening programmes where workers are given supplies of tests to carry out at home.


In-school testing

Students will be offered a single LFD test in school at the start of the Spring term in January 2022.  The return of students to school is being staggered to allow the tests to be carried out on the first day back in school. 


Home testing programme

Students are given packs of test kits to use at home. Students should carry out a test at home twice a week, with a separation of 3-5 days between each test. The first home test should not be carried out until at least three days after the third in-school test. Students should have enough tests to last until the end of the Easter holiday, and will be issued with more kits at the start of the summer term.

Each pack contains a full set of instructions – please read them carefully. Students have experience of the actual swabbing procedure, but the success of the test does depend on this and it is important that this is carried out carefully.  Processing the test is quick and easy but again must be carried out by following the instructions carefully. 


Reporting results of home tests

All test outcomes should be reported to the NHS Test and Trace website – there are full instructions on how to do this in each pack. Any positive results must be reported to the school immediately – please contact Reception on 01753 598300.  Negative results do not need to be reported to the school.


What to do if there is a positive result

If there is a positive result from an LFD home test, it is very likely that the student has Covid and is infectious.  However, because the tests are being carried out at home and may not be as well controlled as in school, a PCR test needs to be carried out to confirm.  This can be booked through the Government website at and the result must be reported to the school. 

The Privacy Notice  which explains how students' personal data is used can be accessed below:


Please remember that the lateral flow devices are primarily intended to detect asymptomatic coronavirus cases. 

If your child is showing Covid symptoms, do not use the LFD test kit;  instead you should book a PCR test through the Government website.