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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Online teaching and learning

Our curriculum delivery plan for the closure period sets out four phases:

During this time of closure the majority of our remote curriculum will be delivered by setting learning activities through ClassCharts.

As we move through the summer term in Phase 3, subject teams will be using more interactive methods of engaging with students.

Our protocols for more interactive online learning are summarised in the documents at the bottom of this page. Please read these carefully as they explains what you can expect us to provide, and what we would expect from parents and students.

A full weekly programme of the planned Online Teaching can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the page. Other sessions may use interactivity in the form of text chat in Microsoft Teams, or simply audio interaction.

Please, particularly note the following:

  • This is not a full programme of 'live' online teaching. There are numerous reasons why this would not be practical or effective. Experience of staff with various video conferencing situations over the last few weeks suggests that any form of real time online teaching has to be short, very carefully managed.
  • The majority of learning activities will still be set through ClassCharts and will require students to work on their own and independently.
  • On the one hand, there should be no expectation that subject teachers must provide direct online teaching, whether recorded or 'live'.
  • On the other hand, subject teams have been asked to regularly provide some form of interactive teaching/learning. The form this takes is a decision for the subject leaders to make with their teams. 
  • Students must follow the protocols in the attached documents