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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Sixth Form Admissions 

Langley Grammar School offers a very wide range of AS and A level subjects for Sixth Form students. We also offer an extensive programme of complementary studies, which includes a choice of enrichment courses, physical education, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, participation in musical and drama productions as well as opportunities for service to the school and community. It is our aim to give our students as broad an experience as possible during their two years in the Sixth Form. 

Our students’ A level performance over the past three years is also excellent in terms of 'added value'. This view is supported through an annual independent report published by 'Alps', a national system of A level results analysis which is recognised by Ofsted. The great majority of our students progress to Higher Education, with a significant proportion successfully gaining places on competitive courses at Russell Group universities.

There is a very effective tutor system in the Sixth Form and we take great interest in your progress, providing advice and encouragement when needed. Many students act as prefects and take on significant responsibilities, working with staff to manage activities in the rest of the school.

Students who decide to enter the Sixth Form at Langley Grammar School will be presented with the very best opportunities to achieve their academic and personal potential and will be given the fullest support in achieving their aims and aspirations. For further information please see our prospectus and other documentation below, including our response to frequently asked questions about the use of iPads in the Sixth Form.

Sixth Form admissions in September 2017

If you are currently a student in Year 11 at Langley Grammar School.

You are expected to attend our the Transition Day on Tuesday 27 June 2017 as part of our induction programme in normal school uniform. On Thursday 24 August your GCSE results envelope will contain an enrolment form, completion and submission of this form on results day (together with meeting our entry requirements) is necessary to secure your place in the Sixth Form.

If you will not be able to collect your results on Thursday 24 August please ensure Mrs Congdon has your contact details in advance, her contact details are

If you are currently at a different school and you would like to apply to join our Sixth Form in September 2017.

We received an unprecedented number of applications this year from students wishing to join our Sixth Form. Conditional offers have now been made and students committed to joining us in September are expected to attend our Transition Day on Tuesday 27 June and to arrive in their current school uniform. You will have received a letter with further details about the day. Those students who we did not make offers to but who perform significantly above their predicted grades have been invited to contact the school on Thursday 24 August to enquire about the availability of places. The enrolment form detailing your actual GCSE grades needs to be completed and submitted by 25 August along with your statement of results to secure your place in our Sixth Form. If you will not be able to submit your enrolment form into the school personally on that day please ensure Mrs Congdon has your contact details in advance; her email address is

If you are a student currently studying in another school who did not apply in February this year, but would like to join our Sixth Form in September 2017.

Please read our information in the Applicant Information booklet (to check you meet our entry criteria), the Course Guide (for individual subject entry criteria), complete an online application form using the link below, complete an enrolment form and visit the school with your statement of results on Thursday 24 August or Friday 25 August to discuss your application.

If you are currently a student in Year 12 at Langley Grammar School

Before admitting you into Year 13 we need to be clear that this is the best way forward for you and that you will be successful in your chosen courses. Your entry into Year 13 is not automatic and depends on a number of criteria being met:

  • Attendance- as you are aware missing lessons impacts on your achievement and progress. If your attendance has been below 90% in Year 12 we become very concerned so you will have had some discussions with a member of the Sixth Form Leadership Team to ask how you could be supported to improve in this area. Of course there may have been some extenuating circumstances that you made us aware of at that time.
  • An indication that you have the potential to gain at least a pass in three of your chosen A level subjects.