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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Year 9 Girls STEM Lego Day

On Friday 6th July, the Year 9 Girls set out on a gruelling 20-minutes’ walk in the blistering sun to the offices of CA Technologies, Ditton Park to take part in a morning of STEM related problem solving activities.

This article was written by Amolika in year 9.

Through the entrance, we were hit by a cool breeze of air and were astonished by the lovely furnishing and design. We were all escorted to a large conference room with tables in groups. There was an introduction by the people who were going to help us in the event and we listened to a presentation on what STEM actually was (science, technology, engineering and maths) and the need for more woman in these fields.

Afterwards, we were set our challenge: design a summer resort in front of a beach location which fits the needs of the product owners. It had to contain a games room, a first aid room, an accommodation area (hotel and chalets), a reception room and other features. As a group, we discussed and assigned roles and then started on the project. It was in a shambles at the beginning but we were soon in the swing of things. We were told to build for 7 minutes, then take a minute to pause and evaluate how we could improve our design.

Whilst doing the activities, a woman came in with some delicious smelling cookies in a variety of flavours and we were allowed to take one though I’m sure everyone wanted more! We continued this routine of building then stopping and evaluating until our time was over. Each group then had to stand up and present their final design.

We were then taken on a tour around the building: the offices were magnificent. There were comfy chairs everywhere and dining rooms for people to sit and work at. I personally loved the furnishing and the fact that the company had even gone as far as to build a gym for the employees. We visited the finance department, security department and many others. After, we visited the beautiful gardens and fields which provided shade in the scorching sun then headed back to school again just before lunch started.

Overall, the experience of the workshop was fantastic. It gave us an opportunity to use some of the skills we'd need in a STEM related job and learn about STEM careers.  Personally, it helped me realise the importance of communication and teamwork in these types of jobs. I would like to thank Mrs Toor for organising the trip. It was certainly a fantastic experience.