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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Rich Cotell Song Writing Workshop

On the 13th September 2018, we had the privilege of attending a full-day workshop, hosted by Rich Cottell, a passionate, talented musician, and a great teacher. He has over 29,000 subscribers on Youtube, and has many popular songs such as Union, More than just a Geek and many others.


This article was written by Tharun in 10H . To begin with he introduced the workshop with an engaging and inspirational fact-filled presentation, that showcased Rich’s many talents and his rise to fame. It also ran through all the basics of the music industry, and some helpful clever tips to sell your music. It was such a great introduction, and Rich was incredibly funny and witty!

Then, we split off into groups of 6 and began the songwriting process! This began with formulating some  ideas for lyrics/words, and Rich would come around and help our groups find unique and interesting melodies to go with the lyrics. If we were stuck on anything, we had some fall-back words to get inspiration from. However, we were never stuck as the level of teaching from Rich was extremely simple and easy to understand.

Afterwards, in our groups we assembled in our respective music rooms to create some chords and background instrumentals, which was easy as our music teachers were there to assist us. Each group’s songs were completely different, as we all had our own exclusive and unique musical ideas. We made catchy songs, to ballads, to hard rock, and all round good music.

At the end of the songwriting workshop, we all recorded our songs with vocals and expressed the range of musical abilities and talents we have in our school through our instruments and work ethics. And to finish it off, Rich gave us an outstanding private concert, filled with tunes and breathtaking singing, along with perfectly recalled guitar solos! Rich ran an amazingly captivating day, and it was an awesome experience that I would especially love to have again!