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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Business studies students get creative with cereals!

Year 11 Business pupils have been creative this term deciding on how to market cereal. They were given a packet of cereal, in a blank plastic bag and then told that they had to market it!

This article was written by Mr Pascall, Teacher-in-charge of Business Studies.

The students' first challenge was to make decisions around the marketing mix considering the 4 P’s, Price, Place, Product and Promotion. There were some fantastic ideas and they certainly showed off what that had learnt. There were a number of creative USP’s (Unique Selling Point) and the environment was certainly a theme. Many groups decided on using recyclable material.

Comet cereal was a real winner and stood out in the market, their USP was to put their cereal into a container and add a sachet of flavoured milk.

Some of the groups considered the product life cycle and what extension strategies they could employ to keep the product commercially viable. Other groups did some primary and secondary research and gathered information and plotted it on a market map.

Coco Crunch produced a stunning packet design with eco-friendly packaging. All groups then had to pitch to the investor (me) so that he could decide which group would win the contract for marketing the cereal. We all had a “cereal-iously” good time doing it! More importantly, I was proud to hear what they had learnt through the process.