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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Year 10 Revision Workshop

On Thursday 28th February, Year 10 were given a smart learning session on how to revise strategically and effectively in order to remember content, long-term. 

This article was written by Esha in year 10.

Firstly, we were informed how to manage our time best between revision, school and our social lives. We had to devise a revision timetable balancing out extra curricular activities with homework, revision and free time. This helped us to utilise our time to the best advantage and ensure that our revision time is focussed and productive.

In addition to this, we were provided with practical strategies to implement whilst revising, in order to prevent unnecessary procrastination (which most of us tend to do!) such as drinking water regularly throughout the revision session and then taking a break when the glass is empty. Put this on repeat and you will definitely see improved results. Later, we sat in groups and were provided with two A3 sheets of paper. For this activity we had to choose a subject and within a set time, write down everything we knew about that subject – this was called blurting and proved to be both effective and fun.

This technique also helped us to recall our prior knowledge about a subject and could be done independently or as a group. Overall, I think the session was incredibly helpful, using simple ideas to maximise our revision potential – lots of ideas for us to decide which works best for us. There was also information for parents in the form of the 'learning scientist' and the link to this is below should you be interested.

Thank you to Mr Pascall and Ms Roughton for organising the session for us.