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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Year 8 Ryvers visit

On Wednesday 13th March, a group of students from 8R visited Ryvers Primary School to read a handmade book produced as part of their Phase project.

This article was written by Kiran in 8R.

Our phase ethos is summed up by three key words: community, self-belief and potential. We wanted to express this ethos in our project so we decided to produce a storybook to be read to primary school children. The many tasks of producing the book were distributed between registrations, lunchtimes and after-school. Our first task was to create a plot for the story. Eventually we developed a story about a gummy bear and its perilous journey to find its parents. Self-belief was a prominent topic in our plot, and our aim was to teach younger children about maintaining a positive approach when in difficult events. We wrote the lines next.To create a fairy tale style book, we wrote it in rhyming couplets.

Soon, we were ready to make the book!  Each page required a meticulous drawing. We used sugar paper and card which contributed to the handmade style.

Finally, the day had come; we were ready to go to Ryvers!  After reaching the school, we went to the Year 1 classrooms. Despite making one book, we read to three classes because we took scans of the books on our iPads. Reading the book was a pleasure and the children were very engaged. We also explained to them the importance of self-belief. It was pleasing to hear that the children enjoyed it when we asked them for feedback.

Overall, we had a great time producing and reading the book but we could not have done it without our form tutor, Mr Gardner. Our class would like to say thank you to everyone who arranged this visit for us.