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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Year 12 Passport for Life Day 1

On the 18th June the year 12 students were fortunate enough to have a day based entirely on exploring the options available to them following their A Level studies to help make wise decisions about their futures.

This article was written by Karishma in Year 12. 

The day began with a workshop titled “Wize up Money” where we discussed budgeting, credit cards and renting flats – good preparation for when we attend university.

The highlight of the day for many us was the ‘Success in Life’ talk by Patti Boulaye. Despite her long journey and lack of sleep she kept us all very much entertained but it was also inspiring to hear her journey and how she continues to share it to inspire and motivate others. 

Following this we had a session on registering with UCAS and identifying our next steps, namely the all important personal statements. In order to help us on how to approach this we ended the day with a personal statement workshop. This was particularly beneficial because the school had separate sessions in order to provide tailored information for those on the Medicine/Dentistry or Oxbridge Pathways. As a prospective Oxbridge student this was very useful building on our Oxbridge workshop the day before.

I look forward to the second Passport for Life day and learning more about our specific university subject areas and future careers. On behalf of all of year 12 I would like to thank the staff involved in organising the event as the day was very beneficial. I now feel that that the thought of leaving Langley Grammar is now less daunting, and indeed more exciting as I contemplate the new opportunities that await.