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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

2019 Admission

Year 7 entry

As an academy Langley Grammar School operates as its own admissions authority and collaborates in an 11+ testing consortium with Herschel, St Bernard’s Catholic and Upton Court Grammar Schools for entry to Year 7. 

Admission to any of the four grammar schools in Slough is based on reaching an eligibility score in the consortium 11+ examination. Any child reaching a score of 111 on a standardised scale (this score represents approximately the top third of the 11+ examination outcome range) is deemed potentially suitable for a grammar school place and is eligible for consideration for admission. However, each of the four schools have different criteria for admission in the event 

Details of the Key Dates for admission in September 2019 can be found in the document at the end of this page, together with the Slough Consortium Guide to the 11+ entrance examination and an 11+ familiarisation booklet. Further information can also be found in the Frequently Asked Questions document at the end of this page.

Admissions arrangements for 2019 entry

The Determined Admissions Arrangements for 2019 (also known as the admissions policy) can be accessed by following the link above or downloaded the document at the end of this page. 


11+ entrance examination - results

Parents will be advised by email when the results of the 11+ entrance examination are available. This will be in October before the deadline for submission of the common application form.

To view the result, you will need the Username given to you at the time of registration together with the password you have created.   Results will only be available online and no letters will be posted.

There will be Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the school website once the results are available.  Please read these carefully before contacting the school with any queries.

Langley Grammar School will close for half term on Friday 19 October and reopen on Monday 29 October.  The deadline to complete your local authority Common Application Form (CAF) is Wednesday 31 October.  If you have any queries about completing the CAF please contact your home local authority.


Open morning - Thursday 4 October

Open morning will begin at 9.15am with a presentation from the headteacher, followed by tours of the school.  It is important to attend the whole session and visitors are asked to arrive no later than 9.10am.


Admissions to Year 12

Please go to the Sixth Form Admissions page for details about the Sixth Form admissions process.


Admission to other year groups

Langley Grammar is a very popular school and as such is always very heavily over subscribed. Admissions after the initial year of entry in Year 7, will depend on the availability of a place, and the suitability of the student for a grammar school education as determined by the school's assessment procedures. Any applicant who has previously sat the Consortium 11+ admission examination but did not attain a score of at least 111 at that time will not be eligible for consideration for entry to Years 8-11.

If you would like your child to be considered for testing for possible admission to Langley Grammar School, please complete and return the form below.  Please do not complete and return this form if your child is transferring from primary to secondary school as part of normal admissions process at age 11.