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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Behaviour for Learning

"Pupils’ behaviour is excellent; they are calm, respectful, and polite. Pupils feel particularly well supported by the school’s pastoral team and they trust that staff, and older pupils, will support them should they have any concerns."

Ofsted, November 2021


At Langley Grammar School effective teaching and learning is underpinned by high expectations of students' behaviour and attitudes to learning. 

We believe that:

  • in order to enable effective teaching and learning, good behaviour in all aspects of school life is necessary
  • the school should provide a safe and structured environment in which teachers can teach and students can learn
  • all students are expected to behave with respect and courtesy towards school staff, each other, and members of the local community
  • parents should encourage their sons and daughters to behave appropriately and respectfully and should support the school’s authority to discipline students who do not meet expectations

Promoting positive behaviour
In lessons and around the school, we aim to model and promote positive behaviour with each other and with students at every opportunity. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and others, their learning, and for the environment by:

  • taking responsibility for their actions
  • demonstrating understanding, tolerance, courtesy and respect towards others
  • encouraging the responsible use of communication technologies including social networking
  • respecting other people’s possessions
  • endeavouring to make the school a clean, safe and pleasant place in which to work and learn

We recognise:

  • commitment
  • academic progress and attainment
  • contributions to wider aspects of school life
  • success and achievement by individuals and teams within and outside school

We reward positive behaviour through a variety of methods including:

  • verbal praise and positive feedback
  • note in homework diary
  • letters/cards to parents/carers
  • achievement points
  • certificates
  • house points
  • subject prizes and awards

Unacceptable behaviour
We believe that student discipline is primarily a question of relationships rather than rules; the school ethos is that individuals and relationships matter. Staff recognise that an appropriate response with one student in one circumstance may be inappropriate with another student, or in a different situation; they apply professional judgement before implementing sanctions, and take full responsibility for doing so. 

We implement a range of sanctions for unacceptable behaviour including

  • verbal reprimand, which may be followed by a note in the student planner
  • confiscation
  • letters to, or interviews with, parents
  • loss of marks for both formative and accredited assessments
  • placing on report
  • teacher or school detention
  • internal and external exclusion

For further information please see our full Behaviour Policy.