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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School


Our caterers

The school operates a cashless catering system in the Dining Room provided by Innovate, our catering contractor. 

A range of hot and cold food is available at morning break and at lunchtime.

The Innovate Portal informs students and parents about the company, lets you give feedback and keeps you up to date with the latest specials, promotions and deals. 


Catering Menu

The menu runs in 3 week cycles. You can find out more through the link below. Please note there may be minor menu variations on the day. The current price list can be downloaded from the links at the bottom of the page. 

Cashless Catering: Quick Guide

All students are issued with a proximity card and should use this to purchase food and drinks.  The following is a guide to using the system.

The cards

The cards operate through a chip and antenna inside the card and it is very important they are treated with care. Things students must not do to these cards include:

  • Bending the card in half – this will snap the antenna
  • Using a hole punch to make a hole in the card for key rings, etc – this will damage the antenna
  • Stabbing the card with a compass – this can damage the chip or antenna
  • Leave the card in your school uniform ready for mum or dad to put through the washing machine

Damaging the antenna or chip on the card means that it will not work.  Any cards that do not work as a result of not being treated with care will result in a charge of £3 for a replacement card. Students must remember to bring their card to school every day, and can only use their own card to make a purchase

Forgotten a card?
Go to Reception during morning break or lunchtime to obtain a temporary card which must be returned the following day.

Damaged or lost card?
Go to Reception during morning break or lunchtime where a new card can be printed at a charge of £3.

Card not working?
If a card has ceased to work but appears in reasonable condition, there will be no charge for a replacement.


Uploading funds into catering accounts

Payments can only be made online via ParentPay at or by using a PayPoint card at a local convenience store with the PayPoint logo. Cash and cheques are not accepted at school or in the dining room.

Students should always ensure that they have enough credit in their account for their purchases. Balances can be checked via the ParentPay website.