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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Digital Schoolhouse


What is Digital Schoolhouse?

The not-for-profit Digital Schoolhouse programme, together with Nintendo UK, uses play-based learning to engage the next generation of pupils and teachers with the Computing curriculum. Digital Schoolhouse is delivered by the UK games industry trade body Ukie and is backed by the creative digital industries and government. Sponsors include PlayStation®, SEGA, Ubisoft and Outright Games.

Free workshops are hosted by appointed primary schools, secondary schools and FE colleges, also known as ‘Schoolhouses’, and delivered to pupils and teachers in their local community. There are 50 Schoolhouses run by over 80 lead teachers across the UK. 

LGS Digital Schoolhouse is back to normal!

We are now running Digital Schoolhouse back at Langley Grammar School. We would like to invite year 5 or 6 students to take part in a computing workshop at LGS free of charge. On Thursdays, we deliver half-day fun and innovative workshops. This year we have purchased a new physical computing kit of Crumbles to deliver a workshop called ‘Build a Monster!’


Build a Monster! - using Crumbles

This workshop uses the Crumbles to control a range of output devices in a creative way. The project is about animating a Monster using a range of outputs (sparkles, buzzers and motors) and incorporates a craft activity.

Sphero Workshop

Sphero is a robot ball; students create programs in an app to control the Spheros. Students solve problems and learn basic programming concepts through a range of challenges, which are engaging and help progress their learning. 


Scottie Go! Workshop

Scottie Go! is an innovative game to teach programming. Scottie the alien, experiences numerous adventures while traveling in space with his spacecraft.  The app generates the adventures while the students arrange puzzle tiles to create the programs and complete the adventures. The app allows students to scan the commands to carry it out the code to see if Scottie completes the adventure.

Alice in Wonderland - Using Micro-bits

This workshop addresses the concepts: conditions and variables by teaching students to create projects based on an Alice in Wonderland theme using the online Micro-bit programming environment and involves some craft activities.


Funky Maths Calculator - using Scratch

This workshop addresses the concepts of simple algebraic equations and variables by teaching students to create their own calculator using the Scratch programming environment.

Funky Quiz - using Scratch

This workshop addresses the concepts selection and variables by teaching students to create their own quiz using the Scratch programming environment.

Just Dance with the Algorithm - using Scratch

This workshop combines dance and video games to teach core programming and computing concepts in a way that appeals to a diverse range of students. Students create their own dance animation using the Scratch programming environment.

Booking your workshop

Our DSH day is a Thursday, and we can adjust the sessions to suit your timings.

Please contact Stacey Jenkins, so we can book a workshop for your year 5 or 6 students.