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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Free 11+ Familiarisation

Promoting equality of opportunity

The Slough Consortium of Grammar Schools is committed to ensuring that the four grammar schools in Slough are open to pupils from all backgrounds. However, we recognise that not all pupils who have the potential for a grammar school education will have equal access to additional support at home to help their academic development. We also realise that this inequality may apply to pupils of all abilities. To help bridge this gap and support general skill development, confidence, and subject knowledge, the Slough Consortium grammar schools are partnering with Atom Learning, a leading platform for learning for ages 7-11. 

Through this partnership, any primary-age pupils who attract pupil premium funding for their schools can access a range of fun and engaging online materials for free. These resources are designed to help pupils progress during Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, regardless of their current attainment level. The programme may also help pupils considering applications to academically selective secondary schools by familiarising them with relevant topics and skills. This programme has been run successfully in other parts of the country, including through the grammar schools in Birmingham.

Eligibility and Registration: 

  • Who qualifies?

If your child has been eligible for free school meals at any point in the last six years, they are entitled to free access to Atom Home. 

  • How to register?

You can register through The Slough Consortium using the link below. Your child's primary school will need to provide proof of eligibility for pupil premium as part of the registration process. 

  • Inclusivity:

You do not need to be planning to apply to the Slough Consortium Grammar Schools to take advantage of this offer. 


While the resources include some practice 11+ style tests, their primary focus is on developing knowledge and skills helpful to all pupils. The resources are not designed specifically to prepare candidates for the Slough Consortium 11+ entrance test. 

We believe these learning resources offer an enjoyable and effective way to support pupils’ progress, whatever their future aspirations may be.

If your child is eligible, please click the link below to register for access to the Atom Home platform and get started.

For families whose children are not eligible for Pupil Premium funding, access to the same resources can be purchased directly from Atom at:  

For pupils intending to sit the Slough Consortium 11+ examination in September 2024, familiarisation materials for tests produced by GL Assessment are available below.