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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

LGS Development Fund

Why do we need a development fund?

All schools face very considerable financial pressures in the current economic climate as a result of the Government’s controls on public sector spending.  Over the last 3-4 years most schools have faced budget reductions in real terms;  Langley Grammar School has seen its per-pupil funding reduced year on year while costs have risen.  For the 2016-17 academic year we have had to reduce our expenditure by approximately £200,000 simple to balance our budget.

Langley Grammar School’s income is about £5.5 million per year.  Of this, over 80% is spent on staffing costs and more than 10% goes on utilities, services and maintenance of our buildings.  Less than 10% of our income is available to improve facilities and to provide teaching and learning resources including books, sports equipment, software and computer hardware.   Many of these items need to be periodically updated in order to ensure that your son or daughter receives the best possible education.

There is unlikely to be any improvement in the level of funding in the near future, and indeed the situation is likely to worsen for most schools. Grammar schools such as ours are particularly affected by the funding restrictions as we attract little or no funding for disadvantage or low prior attainment.  It has now become the norm rather than the exception for schools of all types to seek financial support from the parents of their students.  

How is the fund used?

Our Development Fund has charitable status and is used to provide some resources and to support small-scale development projects.  In recent years the fund has supported improvements to Sixth Form facilities and the sound, lighting and staging in the main Hall.  It has also funded an Apple Mac network for creative arts, the installation of a long-jump pit and a number of other smaller projects in addition to the purchase of teaching and learning resources.

As parents will be aware, the school is now planning for substantial investment in a new main building, paid for by the Department for Education as part of the Priority Schools Building Programme.  Government funding will only provide the buildings and essential fitting-out. The LGS Development Fund is therefore also being used to build up a reserve to help ensure that the new buildings are equipped with appropriate teaching and learning resources.  This reserve currently stands at approximately £60,000.

The Development Fund is designed to directly benefit the students in the school through improvements to resources and facilities. It is not used to subsidise staff costs or the routine expenses of maintaining the school buildings. 

How much should I give?

If we received a donation of £20 per month for each student in the school, we would raise over £250,000 each year. 

In practice all regular contributions are of value to us, whatever the amount.  We would also encourage parents to consider making occasional or ‘one-off’ donations if they feel unable to commit to a regular contribution at this time.  In either case, the school is able to use the Gift Aid scheme to reclaim the income tax paid on the donations.

How can I donate?

There are two different ways to contribute through Gift Aid.

  1. Standing Order - the school would receive a monthly donation from you, administered by your bank.  Standing orders may be cancelled at any time should your circumstances change and payment becomes difficult.
  2. Single Donation - the school can also put single donations to good use, and there is no minimum amount which must be given to qualify for tax relief.

How does Gift Aid work?

The school can reclaim the income tax that you have paid on your donation.

For example:

Monthly donation £20
Tax reclaimed by the school through Gift Aid £5
Total value of donation to the school £25 per month
One-off donation £500
Tax reclaimed by the school through Gift Aid £125
Total value of donation to the school £625

If you would like to support the LGS Development Fund, please download and complete the form below and return it to our Finmance Department promptly.