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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Phase 2 - demolition of old buildings

When the new teaching block is complete in February 2020, science, computing, art and design technology lessons will be moved from the old buildings into the new classrooms.

However, we will also be using temporary accommodation for the dining room, library, and for the administrative offices. This temporary accommodation will be in two places.  The temporary dining room, kitchen, library and student support will be at the back of the school on the remaining two hard courts. There will be a small block with Reception, offices and staff workroom towards the front of the school by the Sports Centre.

When we have moved everything out of the old buildings, they will be demolished.  We expect this to take 3 to 4 months beginning in March 2020. This probably the most difficult phase of the project.  Movement around the site will be restricted and we will have less free play space available at lunchtimes.  However, the good news is that there will be no interruption to teaching as the new block will be in use.

Update - June 2020

The successful move into the new teaching block over the half term break in February 2020 was followed just three weeks later by the closure of the school due to the coronavirus pandemic. Work on the project ceased for a while during lockdown and restarted after adaptations were made to ensure COVID-19 control measures were in place. In the event, little time was lost on this phase and demolition of the old buildings is currently running on schedule. 

For pictures showing the progress of Phase 2, click here.

Langley Grammar School - the original buildings, photographed in the early 1970s