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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Pupil Premium funding

The Pupil Premium Grant is a Government initiative which provides additional funding to schools in order to raise the attainment of children from backgrounds considered to be disadvantaged.  The additional funding received by the school is based upon the number of students eligible for free school meals at any time in the preceding six years, which the Department for Education uses as an indicator of disadvantage. Schools also receive funding for children who have been looked after by the Local Authority continuously for more than six months, children adopted into families from Local Authority care, and children of service personnel.

Nationally, statistics indicate that students who are or who have been in receipt of free school meals may not achieve as well as other students.  The aim of this funding is to try to close the ‘achievement gap’ by enabling schools to directly support individual students appropriately.  The total additional funding for schools through the Pupil Premium Grant amounts to around £2.5 billion each year.

The Pupil Premium Grant represents a very significant investment of public funds, and the Department for Education is understandably anxious to demonstrate the impact of the additional funds.  Schools are required to provide annual reports to parents summarising the allocation and use of the Pupil Premium funding received each year.

Our most recent reports on the use of our Pupil Premium Grant funding can be accessed through the links below:

Our priorities for use of Pupil Premium grant

Tier 1: Developing quality of teaching for all

Tier 1 support may include:

  • Purchasing various resources to develop whole school priorities such as developing vocabulary.
  • Staff training initiatives to strengthen teaching and learning.

Tier 2: Individual academic

Tier 2 support may include funding the provision of: 

  • Revision apps, eg GCSEpod
  • Revision guides
  • Targeted revision sessions 
  • Subject-specific intervention
  • Transport to attend revision sessions.

Tier 3: Wider strategies for individuals that support personal development and readiness to learn, develop resilience or encourage high aspirations

Tier 3 support may include full or partial funding for:

  • Peripatetic music lessons
  • Clubs – transport or kit within or outside of school 
  • Educational visits and other chargeable activities
  • Uniform 
  • Stationery and folders
  • iPads for learning
  • Enabling parents to attend events in which their students are participating 
  • Access to Student Support and specialist staff e.g. Behaviour and Welfare Practitioner. 

Our policy on the use of the Pupil Premium Grant can be accessed from the following link:


Claiming free school meals

The school currently receives £935 for each student who is (or has been in the last 6 years) eligible for free school meals, to help them and others in accessing learning experiences and resources.  If you are eligible but don’t want your son or daughter to have free school meals, you should still apply so the school receives the £935 additional funding - your child could continue to bring packed lunches if you so wish.  The free school meals system is managed with complete discretion; for further information on eligibility and how to apply click here.


Year 7 Catch Up Premium

The Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy catch-up premium gives schools funding to support Year 7 pupils who did not achieve the expected standard in reading or maths at the end of Key Stage 2.

All Year 7 students at Langley Grammar School in recent years have reached the expected standard in reading and maths, and the school therefore does not normally receive any catch-up funding.