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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

SIMS InTouch 

Effective communication with parents has always been of paramount importance to us. The school uses a system called SIMS InTouch to communicate with parents electronically. The system enables us to securely send text messages, automated voice broadcasts and emails direct to parents.

Parents do not need to register to use this system. However, they will only receive texts, voice mail or emails if the school has up to date contact data on our SIMS management information system.

If parents need to update or add priority contact details, they should download, complete and return the form below in an envelope marked 'SIMS InTouch'. Envelopes should be handed to a member of the support staff in the Student Support office. Parents who have registered to use the SIMS Parent app can easily update details through the app itself. 

How do we use the system?

The InTouch system is used in a number of ways. If a student is absent from school a parent will receive a text or voice message informing them on the first day of the absence. The system is also used to send  email or text reminders about up and coming events such as report review days, parent teacher consultations and information evenings. For longer communications such as news letters or visit information, the system will send an email.

Please note that some messages sent from the school, such as absence alerts, will allow parents to respond by text message. However, you may receive other messages that are simply for information purposes only and these may neither require or allow a response.

Once again...

It is essential that we have up-to-date and accurate contact details - telephone numbers and email addresses - for parents. Please contact us if you are not sure what details we have on our system.