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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

SIMS Parent App

Langley Grammar School maintains student data on our SIMS management information system. The data is wide-ranging and covers all the aspects required for reporting to parents.

Currently, the school is able to offer parents on-line access to a selected range of information through the SIMS Parent app.

Parents are able to log on securely to the app from a mobile device or computer and can access certain information about their son or daughter. The school currently provides information on attendance, timetable and selected aspects of academic progress.

Please note: There is long-term problem with the way that SIMS and InTouch send emails to parents who use a Hotmail account. If you use a Hotmail account, you will not currently be receiving emails from the school. Please use the instructions below to update your Primary email address. If you only use Hotmail, please could you consider setting up an account with another provider.

  • Log on to the SIMS Parent App by using your linked account log on details.
  • You will see your parent page with the names and school photographs of your children who are enrolled at LGS. 
  • Click on the child.
  • Tap on the Data Collection tile - this will bring up a list of data topics, such as Address, Student Information, Medical Details and Contacts. 
  • Scroll down to ‘Contacts’ 
  • Tap on your name. 
  • You will see 3 options: tap on ‘Telephones and Emails’ 
  • Tap on Emails
  • This will display your current primary email address 


  • Tap on the button that says ‘Add email’.
  • Add a new email address
  • Tick the checkbox / slider that says ‘Is Primary’. 
  • Click on Save.