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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School


We take pride in the appearance of our students and expect them to wear the correct uniform at all times and in the correct manner. All items of uniform must be clearly labelled.  

The official school supplier is Hawkinsport. Their opening hours can be found on their website or contact 01628 819242. Some uniform items including ties, PE kit (not including tracksuits or sweatshirts) and lab coats are also available to purchase in school using the in-house uniform stock order form which can be downloaded from the link below.

We expect parents to support us by ensuring that students are wearing uniform correctly when leaving home or being dropped off at school. For boys, this includes shirts tucked in and ties correctly knotted at the right length. Girls should ensure that their skirts are of a suitably modest length (close to the knee); students wishing to wear longer skirts for religious reasons should wear the regulation longer skirt that is worn above the ankle. Shoes should be suitable for everyday schoolwear throughout the year; canvas shoes are not acceptable. Please read the Lower School and Sixth Form uniform lists in more detail from the links below.

We understand that some students may have religious reasons for wearing certain items of clothing or accessories. Head coverings (which must not obscure the face) are acceptable but should preferably be plain black. Items of religious symbolism should be discreet; in particular boys should note the legal requirement not to bring on to the school site any item which could be used as an offensive weapon.