The Langley Grammar School VLE is designed to support students learning in school and also to help them work independently at home.  They can use the resources uni logoto revise, catch up on missed work and undertake research to extend their subject knowledge.  The VLE is not intended to deliver teaching, but to support reinforcement, motivation and interest. Staff will continue to upload resources used in lessons, practice assessments and relevant web links that support their subject. This is a very large undertaking so coverage will be uneven across subjects and across the year groups. The VLE will continue to grow as time goes on.

As parents we would encourage you to look at the resources that your children have access to and will be using. The content is suitable and appropriate for secondary school students, as are the websites linked to. However, we cannot be responsible for the content of any websites that may be linked to from these sites.

Where appropriate, parents are encouraged to use the VLE and its growing wealth of resources to assist their child with their learning. Parents will have to use their child’s login details as they are not given separate usernames and passwords.

What is a VLE?
VLE stands for Virtual Learning Environment. It is a single piece of software, accessed via standard web browsers, which provides an integrated online learning environment. A VLE includes the following functions: 

Controlled Access
All users of the VLE require a password and username. Individual resources that are uploaded to the VLE by teachers also have access restrictions. This ensures that they are accessible to specifically identified groups. Each student in the school is provided with VLE login details when they first arrive.

Resources and Materials
The VLE provides access to learning resources and guidance. The learning resources may be self-developed by teachers or professionally authored and purchased materials. From the student point of view, the VLE offers simple navigation tools through the content.

The VLE enables communication among the students themselves and the students and their teachers. The school’s VLE provides the following methods for communication: email, messaging and forums.

One of the strengths of a VLE is its on-line collaboration tools. Students can share good practice and ideas by providing each other with secure access to specific pieces of work. Wikis (editable web pages) can be set up by teachers. Students can add contributions to the individual wiki pages so that a single wiki will eventually contain a number of pages edited by many students. Forums can be created which again invite responses from students. Forums are particularly useful when it comes to revision. Questions can be posted on a forum and a number of responses can be made by the targeted group of students.

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