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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Fundraising event for Grenfell Tower Fire victims

The recent tragic fire at Grenfell Tower left everyone in a state of shock and disbelief. Naman Soni in 10H felt inspired to help the real heroes - the fireman who attended the incident.

I am still struggling to get to terms with the fact that so many people lost everything in the fire, both possessions and people they loved. Alson, those who survived will have to live with those horrific memories every single day.


The sympathy I felt for the victims led me to organise a fund raising cake sale. Since there was a lot of support going towards the actual victims, I thought of raising money for the firemen that had to attend the blaze, extract the victims and try to save lives. I cannot imagine what this must have been like for them.


The key objective behind this event was to show that I, along with the entire school community, care for others and want to help people in need in whatever way we can. 


The preparations included speaking to and taking guidance from teachers, meeting with the community champion at TESCO Slough to ask for sponsorship and designing a poster to raise awareness among staff and students in the school.


As expected the event was a big success and we managed to raise £249.76. 


I would like to thank every single person who bought cakes to support this noble cause, alongside senior staff for their guidance and assistance. A special thank you must go to Mrs Dhillon for overseeing the entire event. 


Overall, I am proud of what we have achieved as a school community and lived up to our ethos of being "responsible and caring". I hope we have bought smiles to the faces of our heroes, the brave firemen who were called to Grenfell Tower on that fateful day.