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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Year 7 Kingswood Trip March 2016

From 9-11th March, year 7 students embarked on a wonderful adventure at Kingswood in Kent. Wheeling our small sized suitcases, excitement had filled us all. 

From 9-11th March, year 7 students embarked on a wonderful adventure at Kingswood in Kent. Wheeling our small sized suitcases, excitement had filled us all. Four lessons flew by and soon the time had come to say goodbye to Langley and start the journey for Kingswood. During the coach journey, everyone indulged themselves in different ways so that no one was bored. After two hours, we were at the beautiful greenery of Kingswood and we all felt a sudden urge to leap out of the coach and breathe in the smell of fresh, clean air. 

We had barely dropped our luggage in our dormitories, when we were informed that we only had three minutes to get ready for our first activity, the aeroball. It was quite fun; a mixture of trampolining and netball. Everyone was a bit rusty at first but then gradually, they improved and got the hang of it. After that, we all gathered around a campfire where we all sang songs and were treated with a warm cup of creamy hot chocolate. Tired and sleepy, we all raced back to our dormitories to have a warm shower and go straight to bed, ready to wake up at 5:30 next morning for a fun-packed day ahead.

Next morning, everyone sat together in the dinner hall finishing their breakfast hastily, excited to get on with the activities. We had a day full of various activities. First up was fencing: we all had different views about it (some even thought we were going to build a fence!), the instructor, however, did a great job of explaining fencing and how to play it. 

Next was the night line, we all got drenched in cold, sticky chunky mud! We somehow dragged ourselves to the dormitories wanting the mud to disappear at once. 

After a hearty lunch, it was time for Jacob's ladder; everyone was excited to get to the top; We tried our best to achieve the nine steps of the ladder but, the highest we could accomplish was six steps- no one reached the top. 

Then we had another activity, abseiling, this involved jumping from heights which most people were scared of but it was great fun. After this, we had two more fun filled activities which then led us onto to a lovely surprise.

In the evening, we had an amazing end-of-trip disco, it was very lively and we all danced to all types of songs- old, new, fast and slow ones. The instructors were also very upbeat, they never let anyone sit down and were always jumping around on their feet. Drained out, once again, we returned to our dormitories, with the warm hot chocolate preventing us from freezing.

Next morning, we packed our bags ready to leave as sadly that was our final day at Kingswood and we all knew we were going to miss it. After finishing our final two activities, zip lining and laser quest , we had our lunch and got onto the coaches, to leave for Langley. It was a very memorable trip as it was our first ever residential trip at Langley Grammar School and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. A big thank you to all the teachers for such a wonderful experience and also to the staff at Kingswood.

Written By Yana Arora (7R)