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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Singapore Visit to Langley Grammar

On Wednesday 24th March, a few students from each year had the opportunity to showcase their computing and iPad skills to delegates from the Ministry of Education in Singapore. The main purpose of their visit was to understand how computing is taught in UK secondary schools. 

This article was written by Sumedha in 8R.

We started the day by organising the venue for their visit. The delegates were welcomed by Mr Constable along with some students and teachers. Mr Constable explained about our Apple Distinguished Status in a brief presentation along with Mr Mace and Ms Jenkins.

After the short but sweet speech, the students had their first opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge. We explained to the delegates how we use the iPads sensibly and maturely in our school work. This included demonstration of various apps that we use regularly.

We also showcased the cross-curricular apps to show how we use modern technology not only in computing but also in other subjects. After 30 minutes of exhibiting our work on iPads we moved on to presenting the work we've done in computing. This included explaining several projects completed by students, for example Flash Animation and Microbits.

After touring the school the delegates finished their visit with a question and answer session. They left very impressed by and more informed about the school's computing curriculum.

Our special thanks to the computing department, Mr Constable, Ms Jenkins and Mr Mace for providing this opportunity.