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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

LGS students gain excellent GCSE results

Year 11 students at Langley Grammar School have gained another excellent set of GCSE results. 

Our Year 11 students sat 1700 GCSE examinations in May and June 2019, and were eagerly awaiting the outcomes on Results Day on 22 August. Just under two thirds of the grades awarded were Grade 7 or above, which is a tremendous achievement reflecting the students' hard work and commitment throughout their courses, and the dedication and support of the staff. Early indications are that this year group has also made very good progress from their KS2 starting points, representing excellent 'value added' by the school. 

Nearly 40% of the grades awarded were Grade 8 or 9, equivalent to A* or above on the old grading system. In some subjects the proportion of Grade 9s achieved was high, and we must make special mention of Chemistry where  38% of the students achieved the highest grade. 

83 students gained Grades 7, 8 or 9 in 8 or more of their subjects, and over 70% gained five or more grades at these levels.

Langley Grammar School students have benefited from a broad and balanced education.  They maintained their studies of a wide range of subjects including music, art, drama and technology until the end of Year 9 before being required to choose GCSE options.  78% of the year group went on to gain qualifications in the Government's EBacc group of core academic subjects which comprises English, Maths, Sciences, a modern foreign language and either History or Geography, and uptake to other subjects such as drama, music and art was strong.

These grades have given the students a good foundation for Sixth Form study and beyond. We wish them well as they start the next phase of their education in the Sixth Form.