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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Celebrating achievement

During the Autumn term we held Presentation Evenings for our former Year 11 and Year 13 students, at which examination certificates and a range of other Awards were presented. 

GCSE Presentation

Former Year 11 students were presented with their GCSE certificates at a celebration event on Tuesday 19th November. The event included musical items, speeches from headteacher Mr Constable, the Phase leaders Mr Pascall and Ms Roughton, and from the Year 11 form tutors who guided and supported students through their GCSE courses.

In addition to the GCSE examination certificates, individual awards were presented to recognise the highest attainers across the GCSE subjects. These were the students who gain the highest marks in the school in each GCSE examination.

Finally, a number of special awards were presented. Many of these are plates or trophies donated by, or in memory of, former members of staff; they are awarded to students who shown particular aptitude or dedication to a subject or area of school life. 

English Plate                                                                  

Presented by Mrs Smith, Deputy Headteacher 2012 - 2015

Navin Vithana

Geography Plate                                                            

In memory of Mr Haley, Deputy Headteacher 1979 - 1993

Carran Johal

History Plate                                                                   

Presented by Mrs Jamieson, Deputy Headteacher 1990 - 2012

Bharneedharan Surendaran

Mathematics Plate                                                         

Presented by Mr Mitchell, Deputy Head 2012 - 2015

Joshan Grewal

Modern Foreign Language Plate                                  

Presented by MFL teachers Miss Bishop, 1989 - 1998 & Mrs Stewart, 1990 - 1998

Carolyn Carty

Science Plate                                                                 

Presented by a former member of the Science department

Carran Johal

Music Trophy

Chinmay Bharatia

Singing Trophy  

Navin Vithana

Governors’ Award for Contribution to the Community  

In memory of Ken Richardson, Chair of Governors from 1999 - 2015

Navin Vithana


A Level Presentation

Our annual A Level Presentation Evening was held just before the end of term on Tuesday 17th December and we were delighted to welcome back many of our former Year 13 students together with their families. Students were presented individually with their A Level certificates to acknowledge their achievements. 

Headteacher's Commendation

The Headteacher’s Commendation is a special recognition to someone who achieved real success during their time at the school but often with some additional circumstances or challenges that others may not always have been aware of. This year we awarded the Headteacher's Commendation to Kris Baldev in recognition of his achievements, determination and resilience in dealing with ill health during his A Level courses.

The Hilary Jemmett Award

Hilary Jemmett was a student here at Langley Grammar School in the very early 1980s.  Sadly Hilary died shortly after leaving the school in 1983 and her parents donated a plate in her memory with the intention that it be presented to a student who had made a significant contribution to the school community from which Hilary gained so much.

After a number of years in which the award went unpresented, the original plate has been replaced with a new glass bowl which is now presented to all recipients. It remains our most significant award, presented for overall contribution to the Sixth Form and the wider school community, and nominations from this award are sought from the staff.

This year's Hilary Jemmett Award was presented to Amar Reginder Degon in recognition of his contribution as Deputy Head Boy, one of our key Digital Leaders and his technical work on sound and lighting supporting numerous music and drama productions.