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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Year 10 Charity Week 

Year 10 charity week was once again a success, with students raising over £1000 through a wide range of activities.

The article below is written by Jasmine Panesar in 10S.

Charity week is an opportunity for students in year 10 to lead activities in order to raise money for charity. Throughout the week beginning the 30th January, students of Langley Grammar could take part in numerous enjoyable activities such as sponging teachers and students, buying valentine roses, getting a henna tattoo, and even watching a teacher versus student basketball match!

As a year group we managed to raise over £1000.  Not only was there the motivation of raising money for charity, but we were also motivated to win the house competition.  The house which raised the most money was awarded house points, which contributes towards the end of year totals. 

For most year 10 students, the week represented one of their first opportunities of being fully independent in organising events. We required leadership skills, as well as determination and business knowledge to help us get through the week. There were lots of things to consider, such as how to run and promote the activities, appropriate prices, and how to maximise the profits for charity.  This is definitely an experience which year 10 can take a lot from.

A huge thank you is due to all of year 10 for getting involved and raising money. The form captains who had to organise their respective forms deserve a special mention. We would also like to thank Ms Roughton for all her support. 

Year 10 really enjoyed charity week. We hope that next year students have as much fun and raise as much money as we have done this year.