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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

GCSE Drama Aladdin Theatre Visit  

On the 22nd February, GCSE Drama students visited London to watch a performance of Aladdin at the Prince Edward's Theatre.  The musical was both hilarious and exciting, and the students were gripped throughout.  Below is Hiruni Ranasinghe's (10H) account of the visit.

The Disney story  is about a street boy called Aladdin (Dean John-Wilson) who falls in love with Princess Jasmine (Jade Ewen). Jasmine's father, the Sultan, tries to arrange for her to marry another royal prince but she wants to pursue her true love, Aladdin.  Meanwhile, the Sultan’s advisor, Jafar (Don Gallagher), is eager for the throne and so devises an evil plan. Aladdin is sent to fetch a lamp from a cave which is where he meets the Genie (Trevor Dion Nicholas).  With the help of the Genie and the three wishes that he grants, Aladdin goes on a journey to help Jasmine and find a whole new world!

The performance had elements of magic, comedy and romance. The musical numbers were performed with very energy and the lively atmosphere they generated captivated everyone.  The most effective part of the show had to be the song  ‘A Whole New World’ because the special effects and stunts created quite a spectacle.  The Genie was a highly comedic character who brought enjoyment and fun to the stage from the minute he entered.  The actor, Trevor Dion Nicholas, portrayed the character exactly how a child would imagine him: a funny, kind and caring person.

We all enjoyed the performance and we'd like to thank all the teachers that helped to organise this successful trip.