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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School


Years 7-9

During Years 7-9 the following topics are taught.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9

Fathers of English Literature: Chaucer and Shakespeare and the literary heritage

An introduction to Chaucer and Middle English and studying a Shakespeare play. Exploring a range of different resources for an introduction to the literary heritage across time.


Poetry including the oral tradition

An introduction to poetry from Beowulf to Romantic poetry; learning how to approach poetry. 


The Novel and creative writing

Learning how to study a whole novel, focusing on how to trace character and theme in a novel.

The Gothic and Romantic genres

Learning about poetry and prose of the Gothic and the Romantic genres across time; writing in the style of a Gothic writer, using ‘fear’ as a stimulus and analysing 19th century prose extracts.


Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Learning how to approach a whole play, using aspects of war and conflict to support the study. 

The Novel: The Outsiders and non-fiction writing 

Studying and evaluating a whole novel. Learning about the importance of context.  

John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men

Studying an extended novel and learning about the social and historical context of this time period; examining how shifts in political and social climates influence literary responses.


Non fiction and creative writing skills and reading skills 
Practising and studying key writing and communication skills using a range of resources and stimulus (in preparation for GCSE English Language).

Eduqas GCSE Poetry Anthology

To explore and analyse poems in the GCSE anthology in preparation for KS4. To introduce the SP play of study.



Students studying the subject at GCSE follow the Eduqas specifications for English Literature and English Language. During the course the following topics are covered.

Year 10 Year 11

Literature Component 1: Eduqas poetry anthology and skills to approach unseen poetry

Literature Component 2: 19th Century Novel: A Christmas Carol

Language Component 1: Creative writing and 20th century fiction

Literature Component 2: Post-1914 prose/drama: An Inspector Calls/Lord of the Flies

Language Component 2: non-fiction and transactional writing

Language Component 2: 19th and 21st century non-fiction reading paper 

Speaking and listening

Literature Component 1: Shakespeare: Romeo Juliet

Literature revision and Language revision and exam preparation



For more detailed information on the course content and assessment please refer to the examination board website: and


A Level

Students studying the subject at A Level follow the Edexcel specification. During the course the following topics are covered.


Year 12 Year 13

Component one, drama:

  • Dr Faustus 

Component two, prose:

  • novel one
  • novel two

Component three, poetry:

  • Poems of the Decade
  • The Wife of Bath Prologue and Tale, Chaucer

Component four, coursework:

  • introduction and preparation

Component one, drama:

  • King Lear

Component four, coursework:

  • teaching and preparation
  • writing skills

Revision and exam preparation


For more detailed information on the course content and assessment please refer to the examination board website:


Additional resources

Students may find the following links and/or resources useful to further their studies of this subject:  for exam board specific support from KS3 to KS4 for a useful site to improve literacy