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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

On-line Reporting (SLG)

Parents who have a account with the SIMS Learning Gateway can access their son or daughter's school report by clicking this link:

Information on online reporting and how to register is given below.

Online reporting involves the use of online systems to provide parents with information on their son or daughter's progress in areas including academic progress and attendance.

Langley Grammar School maintains student data on our SIMS management information system. The data is wide-ranging and covers all the aspects required for reporting to parents. Currently, the school is able to offer parents on-line access to a selected range of information. The software that will enable this is called the SIMS Learning Gateway (SLG).

Parents are able to log on securely to the SLG from anywhere with an internet connection and will be able to access certain information about their son or daughter. The school currently provides information on attendance and selected aspects of academic progress.

To gain access to the SLG, parents need to download the Application for access to SIMS Learning Gateway PDF file. The form should be returned along with a stamped, self addressed envelope to the Student Support office, enclosing both in an envelope labelled 'SIMS Learning Gateway'. The school will then return confidential username and password details by post, along with a guide to using the system. Once you have received login details, the system can be accessed through the link above, or via the quick link at the top of the website homepage.