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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Pastoral and House structure

Phase structure

The overall school ethos is summed up in three phrases as we seek to support our students to be

Confident and Well-rounded

Independent and Creative

Responsible and Caring

The pastoral structure of the school groups students from Years 7 to 11 into three distinct phases, each led by Phase Leaders.  Each Phase has its own key words which sum up what we are trying to achieve within that Phase, as shown below.

The Phase Leaders of the Year 8/9 and Year 10/11 phases have joint responsibility for the academic progress and welfare of whole Phase, and work closely with the Student Support team.  

 Phase and  Phase leaders  Key words  Key themes for the Phase

 Year 7

  Mrs Helen Close




  • Transition from primary to secondary thinking.
  • Consolidation from 70 different feeder schools
  • Exploring  -  new friendships, subjects, activities
  • Discovering new interests
  • Making the most of opportunities

Years 8 & 9

  Mr Alex Badshah

  Ms Charlotte Reid




  • Giving back to the community
  • Discovering your strengths
  • Developing confidence and resilience

Years 10 & 11

  Ms Tanya Du Preez

  Mr Andy Pascall




  • Aiming high
  • Having no regrets
  • Choosing a pathway post-16
  • Taking responsibility - for learning, for academic outcomes, for behaviour.

The Phase Leaders may be contacted through the main school phone number 01753 598300 or via the school email address marked for the attention of the relevant person. 


House system

The horizontal system of year groups and phases is complemented by the vertical House system. Students are assigned to a form in Year 7 and remain a member of that form throughout Years 7 to 11. In Year 7, the majority of subjects are taught in form groups; however, by Year 10 and 11, students are taught in option or setted groups across all their subjects and meet in their forms only for registration. 

All students in each form are members of the same House, and their loyalty to their House continues into the Sixth Form. The six houses are 

Clark                        Harvey             Kedermister

Robinson                 Seymour                   Villiers

Four of the Houses are named after old families with connections to the Langley area.  The two most recently established Houses are named after the two previous Headteachers of the school, Dr Alan Robinson, and Miss Hilda Clark. 

There is a wide range of inter-House competitions which provide opportunities for students to work together across the year groups. These range from inter-House sports competitions to popular fixtures of the school calendar such as Junior and Senior House Music and House Drama competitions.