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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Sixth Form Dress Code

Principles and policy

Sixth Form students at the school wear a uniform, different from that of the Lower School. This is an important part of our Sixth Form ethos: the objective is that the young adults in our Sixth Form create a professional, purposeful and business-like image.  Sixth Form students are expected to wear their uniform correctly and set a positive example to the rest of the school.  

The formal school uniform policy can be found here or downloaded at the foot of this page.

Female clothing guidelines

  • Plain black tailored jacket with a collar and plain dark buttons.
  • School brooch (obtainable from the school) to be worn on jacket lapel.
  • White blouse / shirt with a revere-style collar. T-shirts or sleeveless styles are not acceptable.
  • Plain black skirt at or just above knee length. Regulation skirts are available in two styles from the school uniform supplier Hawkinsport. Ankle-length skirts can be purchased from the same supplier for students who wish to wear longer skirts for religious reasons. ‘High street’ alternatives are acceptable provided they closely match the colour and style of the regulation skirts. Skirts made from non-woven stretch material are not allowed.
  • Plain black tailored trousers, either straight cut or tapered and suitable for professional business wear. Trousers made from nonwoven stretch material are not allowed. Skinny fitting, chino or jean styles, leggings, flares, boot cut, bell bottoms or low-rise trousers are not acceptable. 
  • Low-heeled black shoes worn with plain black or neutral tights. - boots and high heeled or stiletto shoes are not acceptable.
  • Wearing hijab is permitted, but should be plain black and tied in a safe and secure manner during all practical lessons. Head coverings which obscure the face are not permitted. 

Male clothing guidelines

  • Black blazer with Sixth Form badge sewn on. (Badge obtainable from the school). 
  • White shirt and Sixth Form tie (Tie obtainable from the school).
  • Black tailored trousers suitable for professional business wear and made from a woven fabric. Skinny fitting, chino or jean styles, flares, boot cut, bell bottoms or low rise trousers are not acceptable.  
  • Black shoes worn with black or dark grey socks. Trainers, boots and canvas shoes are not acceptable. 

Other considerations

  • A thin plain black cardigan or V-necked jumper may be worn under the jacket in colder weather but not as a substitute for the jacket or blazer.  
  • Zipped and hooded tops are not acceptable. If an outdoor coat is required it should be of a plain colour;  denim jackets are not acceptable.   
  • Jewellery, makeup and nail varnish should be discreet and unobtrusive.   
  • Hair should be of a style that would be conventionally acceptable in business/professional environment. Extremes of styles, including excessively short or cropped finishes, or shaved areas with any lines or patterns, are not permitted. Hair colouring should be natural, with no extreme contrasts.
  • Facial hair should be short and neatly trimmed unless permission has been granted on established religious grounds.