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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School


A Level

Students studying the subject at A Level follow the OCR specification H180 in year 12, and H580 in year 13. During the course the following topics are covered.

Year 12 Year 13

Socialisation, culture and identity: 
This module investigates norms, values and culture. The process of socialisation and how it helps shape our identity is also explored in relation to age, ethnicity, gender and class. 

Themes related to socialisation, culture and identity:  youth subcultures:
This module examines the structure and influence of socialisation culture and identity, and we examine the development of a range of youth subcultures and their function in society. Examples include goths, punks, rockers etc.

Research methods and researching social inequalities:  
The relationship between theory and methods is explored and the main stages of the research process that sociologists use are also investigated. Students will analyse trends and patterns that exist within social inequality, for instance, ethnicity, age, class and gender.

Students in year 13 are expected to have sound subject knowledge for all of the modules and topics taught in year 12, and will also get taught the following modules/topics:

Globalisation and the digital social world:
Students learn about social media and its developments in shaping our identity and communication with others. This is explored from a theoretical framework

Debates: crime and deviance:
Exploring the definitions and measurements of crime. The reasons why people commit crime and relate these to the factors of age, class and ethnicity. We also examine the solutions to crime and how to prevent it.

Researching Social Inequalities (continuation from Year 12):

Students will examine sociological theories and concepts in relation to social inequality, for example, ethnicity, age, class and gender. Students will consider these different themes from a Marxist, Functionalist, Feminist and Weberian point of view.

For more detailed information on the course content and assessment please refer to the examination board website: