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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Year 13 Practice Exams

The Practice Examinations in January form an important part of your son or daughter’s preparation for the final GCE examinations in the summer. In the unlikely event that GCE Examinations are cancelled, evidence from these exams would contribute towards Teacher Assessed Grades.  Subject teachers will be assuming that students will take the Practice Examinations seriously; the outcomes will influence the level of support and intervention during the rest of the course.  

Practice exams will run from Tuesday 2 January to Monday 9 January inclusive. Normal lessons will recommence on Tuesday 10 January.  Study leave will be granted for the majority of Year 13 students but not for those with low attendance. The Sixth Form Team will inform you if this applies to you. Your son or daughter should ensure they use this time to revise thoroughly, treating the practice examinations as they would treat the “real thing” as far as possible.  Students who are permitted study leave will be expected in school 15 minutes before their first examination each day. They are free to leave school after the exam is completed. Alternatively, study space will be provided in the Sixth Form Centre for students to use, but students must then sign in at the Sixth Form centre. 

Please note: if your son/daughter needs to arrive in school early, or stay in school after their final exam, we must know in advance. Please advise us using this link.

The Practice Exams are organised to mirror the conditions of the real exams in the summer. Students are expected to be familiar with 

  1. The general JCQ guidance regarding behaviour and conduct in exams – a copy is available on the school website (Teaching & Learning > General Examinations Information)
  2. The LGS Exam Guidance booklet, available on their iPad and also the school website
  3. The practical arrangements for this particular set of exams, which includes where bags and valuables can be stored. A copy can be found at the bottom of this page.