Welcome to Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School is a co-educational selective school in Langley, Berkshire. The school has been independent of the local authority since gaining academy status in April 2011. Students come from a wide range of communities both local and further afield.

Our aim is to enable students to fulfil their potential and achieve high standards within a supportive environment where they will be stimulated and challenged. We offer a forward-thinking academic curriculum and place great emphasis on participation in a wide range of sporting, cultural and social activities. 

The school provides a harmonious and well-ordered community that encourages self-discipline, independence of thought and consideration for others. Our students demonstrate a high level of commitment to academic success, as well as developing the skills and confidence that will equip them for adult life.

John Constable - Headteacher

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    Latest News

    • National Citizenship Service

       The National Citizen Service is an action-packed voluntary programme for young adults to develop a passion (if not already existent) for making a positive impact in their local community. It gives these like-minded individuals an opportunity to come together and not only help numerous existing charities, but also to kick-start new initiatives to resolve the issues that really matter to them. Throughout the programme, key skills are developed which undoubtedly come in useful in everyday life.


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    • Year 12 Ghana Expedition

       As we approached the end of summer term July, 18 sixth formers were completing the arduous preparations for what would eventually turn out to be a truly memorable trip to Ghana.  Throughout the year, supported by team leaders Anna and Pete from Outlook Expeditions, we were safely navigated through the hazardous events of fundraising as well as a preparation weekend in the New Forest to train us for the real ‘dangers’ that lurked in Ghana. Yet on the day of the flight the biggest challenge for some students turned out to be actually reaching the airport on time!


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    • Year 9 multi-activities visit

      Seventy-four intrepid Year 9 students took part in a multi-activities residential weekend at PGL Liddington in Wiltshire.

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    • Year 9 Sicily Visit

      On the 2nd of April, 46 year 9s were part of a highly educational and enjoyable trip to Sicily.....

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