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Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School

Parent Owned iPads

This page is for parents either whose Jigsaw24 lease has expired, or provided their own iPads, or purchased from another supplier. If you are still currently leasing an iPad, please click on this link to go to the Jigsaw24 iPad page

Students need to have access to a device for their lessons almost every day. If an iPad is faulty, students should seek advice from the ICT Technicians. Many issues are resolvable that way. Sometimes more support is needed from manufacturers or providers of devices.  In this situation we can provide a loan iPad so students can continue to work whilst their own iPad is being repaired or replaced.  

Step 1 – Making arrangements for repair 

You should make your own arrangements for the iPad to be repaired or replaced. During that time we can arrange to temporarily loan an iPad. 

Step 2 - Borrowing an iPad from LGS 

  • You can borrow an iPad while yours is being repaired (max 30 days)  - download the iPad Repair Cover form on this link.  Copies are also available from the ICT office.

  • The ICT technicians will email you once your repair iPad is ready for collection. You may take this device home with you in order to complete schoolwork.  

  • If your device has not been repaired within 30 days, you must either return it to the school or apply to keep using the loan iPad via the iPad Pool scheme.  Apply for the iPad Pool scheme via this link.

  • If applying for the iPad Pool scheme, you can continue to use the iPad but only in school. The iPad must be collected and returned each day. It should remain in the case for the duration of its loan. 

  • Please note that we reopen the Jigsaw24 portal during April and September if you wish to order a new device.

Step 3 - Returning the loan iPad to LGS 

  • Bring both your new/repaired and loan iPad to the ICT Technicians.

  • Sign out of your Apple ID on the loan iPad, then factory reset the device. The device should be in the same condition as it was borrowed. 

  • Sign out of your Apple ID on your new/repaired iPad, then factory reset the device. The ICT Technicians will configure your new/repaired iPad on Mobile Device Management (MDM).